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In the video tutorial today we have the opportunity to try the Safari browser that made a shift to the Windows platform on Mac os coming where it is browser Default.

I was surprised to see how well it moves and how beautiful are the effects that we have become accustomed to the Apple Portables their effects that have been implemented in this browser.


Since the first start strikes you lack the Home button, but it is something that is remedied easily by just a few clicks, it would have been better if they had put them on the interface first this button with Windows users are used by Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

The remaining controls are pretty few, but seemed not to be more, in case you miss something you can solve by customizing the toolbar.

On the right side you can see a button that has on it a bug, it is for “bug report” ie to report certain errors that people from Apple to fix them, in case you meet some errors will not abstain use that buton.

What amazed me was the coolest moment Safari passed by 100% test ACID3 while Mozilla Firefox gained only 70% in this test, I have to say that 100% is the maximum possible test ACID3.

Finally I recommend this browser for the moments you do not want to use the core browser and even when you need better loading speed.

I decided to do a comparison test using Futuremark Peacekeeper between all browsers that you have found. In the following you see the results and personal opinions on the browsers in the test. I chose diversity Peacekeeper test, but keep in mind that testing is synthetic and aims browsing speed.

The battle is clearly between Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. The rest are browsers that are based on one of the browsers mentioned above and try to come up with better management and new functionalities. This test is one selection, I recommend reading the article about the best browsers.

Topping the ranking is Safari, the Apple browser. Its interface is simple, but very little customizable, but speed is an important advantage. No I liked that as the browser was installed and an update mode.

In second place is found Chrome browser publicized than those of Google. The interface is a bit simpler than with Safari address bar and the search is the same, but allows navigated in incognito mode (not record data while surfing) and has interface in Romanian language. As with Safari, with Chrome installs a module update; Another drawback is that the user can not configure the installation, which lead me to not use it.

Opera is on the third position and my opinion about this browser is that it does a good job, but without the shine to any chapter (at least version for PC, because mobile version is quite popular). It’s a decent browser.

Firefox lies in fourth place, and charm is the speed (which is decent) but extensions that completes and it adapts to user needs. From here probably and popularity. Portable Firefox use routinely, and No Script is a very good reason to use it further.

So much for those browsers that are widely used among users and tested to you to see which is faster.


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