History of Rugby

History of Rugby

Rugby is the type of ball game that was initially developed in the small town of Rugby Town in Rugby, Warwickshire and since then has become one of the most popularly played forms of sports in the England and the surrounding areas. The game started off as a single game type but then subdivided into two categories, the rugby league, and the rugby union. The game started off with the rules which are now used in the rugby union game but then the rules were modified for the rugby league as well.

With the passing days, the game has evolved and has become better, both in the real form and the virtual form, that is, in the form of video games. In today’s date, there are a number of games that test the same strategic skills and the same swiftness when it comes to playing the game in real life on a field. Talking about the history of the game which is still a topic that is not written in concrete and there are a number of arguments regarding which is the actual year of origin of the game.

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  • Origin of the game:

A lot of people, probably a maximum of the lot believe that the game of rugby was introduced in the year 1823 when the very famous William Webb Ellis took the “football” in his arms and started running the span of the field holding it. It was when the idea of rugby got its origin. Many people say that there is little to no evidence of the happening but is considered as a popular tale.

Many people during those times played with a football and played the sport of football, the sport of running with a ball in hand was something that no one thought about in their dreams. The game after the tale of William Webb Ellis had to face a lot of setbacks and retribution, but it was finally in 1938 or 1939 that Jem Mackie finally made the game a somewhat acceptable sport which was finally legalized as a game on 1941. The first written down rules of the game was finally done by Bigside Levee on August 28, 1945.

  • Games and the virtual world:

Although it took a lot of time for the game to finally gain its recognition to become the popular game that it is today, the game is one of the most popular when it comes to video games and the different virtual and graphical interpretation of it. There has been no specific timeline known for the video games and where they started being released, but there are definitely some games that people are very well aware of in today’s world who are familiar with the world of gaming.

Some of the most prominent games that are known when it comes to rugby are Rugby Challenge 2, Rugby 08, and Rugby Live League, Rugby World Cup, and the list goes on. The different games have been evolving with time and require the same strategic plans and dedication like that of the real game.

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A few problems in the money making
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