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Speaking of that, another fashion victim is Katy Perry, another woman of remarkable beauty industry. You’re fashionable, you create trendy fashion does not let you create yourself, she said. There was never given aside to experience colors, textures and strange combinations, which made it a standard fashion by kitsch just funny that you brought in clothing. His appearances on the red carpet are bold, fun and fashion shines. Katy Parry Phone Number offers the possibility to communicate her through the mobile networks.

Polka dots, prints in every color combination as strange wigs and accessories that take your eyes lollipop Katy’s the kind of girl that you have a baby coming on as a cherry cake. Too sweet, too colorful, sometimes too gaudy, but certainly no room for boredom in her fashion style.
It’s bold, it is fabulous and is a trailblazer in fashion, though I was just a while ago. From the charts with strange cuts and straight jeans, Rihanna was turned into a true fashion icon with its evolution from the good girl and bad girl good at, which gets everything he wants. A real bad girl without taking into account the balance in fashion, so Rihanna is another star who surprised us always hairstyles and her wigs, with clothing and accessories her with his appearances incendiary and beauty to have been taken from the stories of Arab.
It is, like Beyonce, an international star, and has its own rules, especially when it comes to fashion. Therefore her chocolate skin who comes that you have a lick like a tablet of chocolate always highlights his fine features, still adolescent. Challenging and maintains allure filiform, flowing clothes on her body as if this would not have consistency, so maybe prefer everything is fluid, airy, versatile.
With his blond hair like the characters in his films Hitchcook with siren red lipstick and her clothing was ribbed, Rita Ora can be compared to Marilyn Monroe a little wild. Funny and devoid of inhibitions, her style emerged in 90th brings some color to boring already bound by the queen and princesses that we all see on the red carpet for several years. Polka dots, bold prints, denim tops and materials are just a declaration of love for fashion 90s Rita.
Social life is quite rich, as well as appearances clothing, as varied as it is colorful, sexy and bold. From Marchesa to Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani signed attire from those signed Prada, Rita is clearly a role model and a fashion victim like us everything.

Neither Scarlett Johansen is not afraid of experiments. From his hair color – which went through all shades from black to red or blond hair from long to short, to his clothing choices, the actress is far from predictable. It can be a princess in a dress by Elie Saab, can play an androgynous may be a teenage girl chic wearing a dress Armani or may occur simply dressed anyway, that’s now on her curves voluptuous form everything.

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