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How Police Radar Works

From the outset, it must be stressed that radar detectors are by no means useless. November radar devices as long as it works, they are all detected by radar detectors on the market. In addition, the operating frequency of the radar remained the same in the band K.


It is true, however, that the Traffic Police is now much better equipped in the car park there are now 770 cars equipped with cameras, of which 520 have systems the new cameras Autovision BEE III and the remaining 250 old model Python II. The new radars Autovision BEE III can be activated and can instantly detect the speed of movement of cars, to the old radars that allow this in a way “manual” before the radar antenna was placed clipboard (which are written minutes) .


Thus, the machine located in the area of surveillance radar equipment has little chance of slowing timely, but other cars, if they are equipped with radar detectors have enough time to slow down.

Operating modes for radar systems we “undetectable”

  1. Radar automatically – continuous wave – completely detectable – minimal risk of fines:

– Permanent radar device on: radar antenna emits continuous baseband signal K, allows detection of any radar detector

– Camera focus area (eg 250 meters from the radar position); speed will be measured only cars in the supervised area, the rest will not make measurements

– Identify a vehicle speed above the maximum permissible radar device will automatically record video information on the HDD

– This mode is identical to the old radar detectable any radar detector in the market


  1. Radar manually / standby – detectable minimal risk of fines if the car is not fugleman

– Camera focus area (eg 250 meters from the radar position); speed will be measured only cars in the supervised area, the rest will not make measurements

– Triggering radar device is made by the operator to record vehicle that seems to run at high speed, and the camera records images automatically radar

– The first car in the convoy will be most exposed risk to reduce speed II could not timely to avoid a fine

– Machines that are not in the column header will be alerted and will take time to slow down

– This mode resembles the radar antenna obstruction old practice, Python II.

Of course radar transmitters can be detected using an application called Track Phone Number and is designed to connect to satellites. First you need to add country-specific emergency number. After that will open Google maps to locate all vehicles.

Operating a radar technology of the Traffic Police

Radars emit electromagnetic microwave and use their reflection to determine the speed of vehicles from the antenna.

It consists usually of a transmitter, a receiver and an antenna system (which, typically, can be rotated horizontally and / or vertically) with directivity given. The receiver includes an indicator of the existence and position of the object.

The radars are available, normally in the dangerous areas for road traffic, thus speeding on a particular section should actually done responsibly. Most often, the cars with cameras appear in areas where traffic incidents were recorded, mainly due to excessive speed.


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