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How much earn Niantic Lab after the launch of Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is not only the player’s favorites, but it is also loved by the Niantic, the developer of the game. The Niantic Lab has been working on this special project for a very long time. This much hard work and conviction must be rewarded. The same happened for the Niantic Lab. After the launch of the Pokemon Go, the lab earned 200 million $. That is a real big amount. The Niantic Lab has beaten the records of all the bestselling games. People were so addicted to the game that they could not stop.



The Candy crush saga and the Clash Royale were the bestselling games of the google play store. But at this time the Pokemon Go is the real winner. Let us compare with the money that these opposites have earned by their popularity. The biggest giant in the field was the candy crush saga. The Pokemon Go beat that record in one month by earning 200 million $. Then comes the Clash Royale that only managed to earn 125 million $ which are surely less than what the Pokemon earned. Then the last the “Clash of Clans “earned 8.6 million $.


Money comes with the popularity. The fact that the Niantic earned so much money is that they tried their best to introduce some really cool features in the game. These features actually attracted the players and Bingo. Pokemon Go is the fastest game that reached the 10 million downloads. There is no other game that could do that. So, many pokemon  go location hack in the vicinity and the conversion of all the fast food corners to the Pokemon centers is the best part of the game. You do not have to be very nosy to find out why the game has earned 200 million $.

More cash to come

This reputation is quite promising. People have enjoyed the game too much, and now they are going to trust any other game that the Niantic will have to offer. With the new development in the game, there are most likely to be winning another grand amount in the time to come. The Niantic assured that the game has the 10% of the ideas and the other 90% will be provided as the updates. If this is the truth, then they are going to be really angry about it.

A few problems in the money making
The game is a big victory, and there are millions of people loving it for it. But that is one side of the story. The game is banned in the Iran due to their security reasons. These are some of the problems that the game has to face, and that are causing them some money, but that is not going stop them from making the big and best games of the whole times. The Pokemon Go is purely the creativity of the Niantic labs, and they are getting handsomely paid for that. If you want to know more about them, you can research a bit more or else you can just sit back, relax and play pokemon go.

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