Social effects of GPS technology


  1. Using GPS technology


GPS technology can be used in many areas, and people continue to find them  new applications. This is a short list of some of the uses GPS:

  • Navigation vessels and aircraft
  • Construction industry
  • Army
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Supervision and mapping (marine and terrestrial)
  • Navigation leisure
  • Monitoring wildlife
  • surveying natural resources
  • Monitoring the movements of tectonic plates

2. Social effects of GPS technology

Social effects of technology are in the life of the humas .  the effects of GPS technology  can be divided into several categories:

  • Promoting and developing society
  • The security and welfare of people
  • Recreation
  • Economic
  • Military Power
  • Political Power

GPS itself has no direct impact on society. Applications that use GPS are those apps that have made people discover how much affect our society. Each apps affects society in many ways, sometimes unique. For this reason, this work includes a brief discussion of the social effects of some of the most important applications of GPS.

It is not always clear whether the effect it has on society GPS technology is positive or negative – it depends on your point of view. It would be hard, however, to find a real negative social effect of this technology.

3. The positive effects of GPS on society


Ships and aircraft navigation

GPS provides more reliable and safer ways to travel. Ships and aircraft are almost invariably equipped with GPS today. GPS is a navigation system accurate and reliable. This reduces the risk of stranded ships or aircraft crashed into mountains in the dark or when the weather is bad.

This obviously makes travel of a far safer for people. It also reduces dependence on favorable weather conditions. Moreover, in an emergency, GPS allows also planning missions to rescue more successful.

Traveling is important in human society. GPS is simply a tool that makes this activity safer and more independent of weather conditions.


The buildings

GPS can be used to build structures with a high degree of accuracy. An example of this is the role it has played in the construction of skyscraper. He served to ensure that the tower was built as.

GPS technology can also prevent errors extremely costly. During construction of the tunnel under the English Channel was used to ensure that the two teams began digging from both sides will meet in a place determined.

The use of this technology can also increase productivity. In northern Brazil, the speed of construction of a new port has been improved by using GPS because traditional techniques for the exact placement pillars for 1200 were ineffective in fog or at night.

It can be seen from the above arguments that GPS technology could make some projects economically feasible and possible in practical terms. This increases the rate of development in society.

Vehicle tracking

Tracking vehicles via GPS bring more benefits and safety for cars and drivers. Rental cars equipped with GPS offers the tourist information about places to visit and accommodation. This can reduce stress during the holidays. UK truck drivers are made aware of future low bridges using GPS and digital maps. This, combined with warnings of traffic jams and suggestions for alternative routes enables delivery of goods under more cheaper and faster. Police cars, fire engines and ambulances are also becoming more equipped with GPS. This allows operators to send emergency services at the nearest intervention unit, increasing the potential of saving lives and reducing damage.


Also tracking mobile devices

With the help of the gps technology, now people like who created an awesome tool to track the phone number of anyone by just using their cell phone number and the gps built in in their smartphone helped to recover many stolen devices, there are some alternatives to this tool , but at this moment, is one of the best!

Other effects of GPS on society


GPS has changed the way military operate. Contribute greatly to the effectiveness of the military in conflict zones, with applications ranging from tracking individual soldiers to the manufacture of highly precise missiles. GPS also allows, accurately tracking military units, which increases efficiency and the tactical control during a fight.

The effects on the society in this case, of course, depend on the direction of use of this technology.


GPS significance in society and GPS alternative

The importance of technology in society can be measured by how it has affected society and the presence or absence of alternatives. The main reason why GPS is so important is that, currently, there is no successful alternative. Also can be seen from the preceding paragraphs that GPS has significantly affected the society in two ways:

  • GPS technology has become an important tool for human security in a wide range of activities.
  • GPS has increased the rate of development of society.


GPS has become an integral part of our society, affecting our lives in many ways. Wide range of applications of this technology has an impact on many aspects of society.


All technologies today affects our lives more or less. In general, and from what history has proven, new technologies help us to evolve – from the social point of view, but also as a species.



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